Arad Airport Rent a Car

The people who land on the Arad airport may not know that they land on a very small airport that was established in 1936 and started the activity one year later. Despite its dimensions our Arad Airport Rent a Car services can be required from here and also the cars can be picked up from this airport.

You can pick up the rented car from us, from the airport, eliminating the wasted time from the moment you land until you find a transportation mean to your destination.

The Arad Airport Car Hire services have become more popular, as the rest of the country did, after a large number of people started to use this type of services and declared satisfied by them. The problem is that there are still possible clients who are a little bit circumspect regarding this type of services, or who don’t know about them

The persons who are circumspect on if our services are legal or about their responsibility in case of damage to the rented cars must know from the start that all our rent a car contracts include a quite comprehensive basic insurance that can be extended upon request on payment. Basically you will be covered against any small problems that may occur during the contract.

Beyond this, our Arad Airport Rent a Car services offer a series of advantages to those who choose to hire them. The most important advantage being probably the fact that they can choose from a large range of cars that are suitable for any needs. If you need a small or medium car, a seven seats or nine seats car or even a commercial car, you will fond them all to us, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

For more information about the advantages offered by our Arad Rent a Car services please visit our website an you can find out more about our offers and the promotions that appear from time to time.