Bacau Airport Rent a Car

If you reach Bacau through air, you will be landing on the Bacau Airport, or beter, the International George Enescu Airport which is located very conveniently near Bacau city. More convenient are our Aeroport Bacau rent a car services, which will provide you the car you choose at the hour you want.

Bacau airport rent a car services makes it easier to eliminate the lost time from landing to the arrival to your destination. Having a car, which is brought for you at the airport, no matter if you have business in Bacau or in its surroundings, you will enjoy your trip better.

Whether you land to Bacau for business or for tourism or for any other reason, having a car you can benefit of the flexibility it offers, meaning that you won’t depend on the means of transportation schedule, which can prove to be a very useful thing. Having a car you can drive anywhere you want, any time you want.

Our available fleet at our office in Bacau, is very wide, offering different options, starting from small cars to seven and nine seats cars, and also luxury cars or commercial cars. Of course, if not the dimension is important in choosing the car, you can find in our fleet both benzine and diesel cars, as 4×4 transmission cars and automatic transmission.

The basic idea is that any needs you may have, we can offer you acar that will perfectly suit your needs and preferences.

As far as our Bacau Airport car hire contracts are concerned, all our contracts have a basic insurance included, meant to cover the case in which small accidents occur or small damages appear during the contract.

For more details on our services and offers please read our website attentively and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you don’t find the answer on the website. Please book your car from time, because booking through our website you already benefit of a discount from the price you will find on the spot.