Bacau rent a car

It can be easier for the people who visit Bacau city to do it now with the help of our Bacau rent a car services. No matter the reason of your visit in Bacau, whether is for business or pleasure, an available car will improve considerably your experience.

An advantage of our Bacau car hire services known only to the people who travel trough the air is the one that they can take their car from the Bacau airport any hour they want. Usually the pick up hour and the lading hour are very close, so very little time will be lost between the two events.

The word that characterizes the Bacau rent a car services is flexibility, both from personal point of view as as far as the car that will be chosen.

Our available fleet is quite varied and covers a very large range of needs and preferences. Supposing you need a car only to drive through the city and you are group of no more than four people. Than a small or medium car would be perfect for your needs as you will find parking places easier and the fuel consumption will be lower than in the case of bigger cars.

On the other hand, if you travel with a group bigger than five persons, our Bacau rent a car  services allow you to hire seven or nine seats cars, ideal for this situation.

Speaking of large groups, if you have another driver in your group, you can add him on the Bacau car hire contract as additional driver, free of charge.

Another advantage of our Bacau car hire  services is that all the contracts include a basic insurance that will protect you from most of small problems and damages that may occur during the contract.

There are still many advantages, please visit our website in detail for more information on our fleet and offer.

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