Baia Mare Airport rent a car

If you land on Baia Mare Airport, no mater the reason of your trip there, you can use our Baia Mare Airport rent a car services to make your trip easier. Baia Mare benefits of an airport from 1964, airport that can be found at almost 10 kilometers far from the city center.

Whether you are heading Baia Mare, or any other nearby location, the distance between the airport and that destination can be most comfortably covered by hiring our rent a car services.

The first advantage of our Baia Mare Airport car hire services is the one that you can pick up the car from the airport any hour you want. This usually happens after landing so you can eliminate any waste of time.

Another advantage related to this type of services is the possibility to choose from a very wide range of cars, that will for sure suit the needs of your trip.

Supposing you are going to Baia Mare for business meetings with possible clients. In this case you would like an impressive car to make a good impression. Our services will offer for sure something you would like.

On the other hand, supposing you are visiting the area with a larger group, much over the capacity of a medium car, then you can rent a seven or nine seats car which would satisfy these needs.

We also have to mention that all our Baia Mare rent a car contracts include a basic insurance, quite comprehensive, meant to cover the eventual expenses that could ocurr in case of a small accident during the contract.

There are many other benefits and advantages related to the hiring of our Baia Mare rent a car services, so, please study in detail our website and inquire our offer for cars, extra options, and different active promotions for different periods.