Bucharest rent a car

The Bucharest rent a car services are by far more popular than the rent a car services from the rest of our country, because Bucharest is the capital of Romania, of the presence of the airports, and of the fact that Bucharest sees a lots of foreign visitors, who most of the time come here for business.

These visitors are already aware of the fact that the Bucharest car hire services can bring the car they want to the airport, at the hour they want; this is also valid for our services and obviously it is not limited only for the foreign clients. Anyone landing on the Otopeni airport can ask that the rented car be brought there . This will make all the renting experience more convenient.

The flexibility of our Bucharest rent a car services must not be underestimated, because the fleet available for renting is very wide so we can serve a large range of possible clients. Whether you need a small or medium car, a luxury one or a nine seats or commercial one, all these options, and others are available for our clients.

Of course, we also consider that the car size might not be the only, or the most important feature that would make you decide what to hire. Other features that are covered by our available fleet car are the motor type and the transmission type.

We must also mention that no matter the car type that you will hire or the hiring period, all our Bucharest car hire contracts include a basic insurance, quite comprehensive, meant to protect you against small expenses that may occur during your journey.

If you travel with a larger group, and there is another driver in your group, you can add him on the rental contract as additional driver free of charge.

Our Bucharest rent a car services have many more advantages that you can read about, in detail, on our website, where you can also see if there are offers and promotion active in a certain period of time.

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