Buzau rent a car

Our Buzau rent a car services are ideal for those who are about to spend several days in the capital of Buzau county. Buzau was first mentioned in 376 AD and throughout history it has been an important fair and the establishment of the orthodox episcopacy.

The city is not big enough to need the presence of an airport, but, due to its location, Buzau is a very important city for the public transportation network, as far as the roads and the railways are concerned. Still, regardless the way you reach the city, you can hire our Buzau rent a car services to help you during your journey.

The car fleet available at our Buzau car hire office is very wide and meant to satisfy the needs and the preferences of a large range of possible clients. Whether you need a small or medium car, or a nine seats one, you will find in our fleet something that will suit these needs. In the same time, if you prefer a certain motor type or need a 4×4 car, you can also find different variants for these options in our fleet.

The main advantage regarding the Buzau rent a car services is the flexibility they offer, both the flexibility of possible options and the flexibility offered to the clients by having an available car and this way, planning your time differently.

All today is about the time management, and as long as you lose less time more time will you have for work, for leisure or for rest.

All our Buzau car hire contracts come with a basic insurance meant to protect you from different expenses that may occur because of damages brought to the car during the contract.

There are also other options and possibilities that our Buzau rent a car services offer. You can read about them on our website, where you can also find information regarding our car fleet and promotions or special offer that may be available in certain periods of time.