Constanta Airport rent a car

The people who want to reach the seaside in the shortest time possible can do it through air. There are available flights towards Constanta Airport from all our country regions. The airport is located at 26 kilometers distance from Constanta and so, our Constanta Airport rent a car services would be very useful for those who land here and want to reach their destination as soon as possible.

The airport works under the name of Mihail Kogalnoceanu Cosntanta International Airport, always being opened for the air traffic and benefiting of all the facilities of a modern airport.

No matter the reason for which you are visiting Constanta, for business purpose or to go towards one of our seaside resorts, our Constanta Airport car hire services can be extremely useful because they allow you to choose a car that would perfectly suit your needs. Supposing you are traveling with a larger group and you need a seven or nine seats car. In this case, our rent a car services could be very useful because they offer you the opportunity to have all your group in the same car during your trip through Constanta, not considering the fact that you will always know where your luggage is.

This is only an example, of course you can choose any car of the available fleet in Constanta, the idea being that no matter the needs of your trip, it is very possible to find exactly what you want.

Continuing the example with the large group, supposing you have another driver in the group. In this case you can add him on the rental contract as additional driver, free of charge. This could make your trip more enjoyable knowing that there is another person that could driving anytime.

For more information related to our services and offers, please visit our website and read the details about our conditions, our available fleet, and also the possible promotions that may be active in different periods of the year.