Constanta rent a car

The people who want to visit our seaside and reach Constanta can benefit of our Constanta rent a car services and so, enjoy even better the offers of the Romanian seaside. Of course there are also other reasons to visit the city. But, no matter the reason of your visit, either for business or visiting friends or family, our Constanta car hire services will be very useful.

Our services are very helpful as we present you a very wide fleet to choose from. Whether you need a small, medium car, or a seven seats one, or maybe even a commercial one, our Constanta office provides you several options. If not the dimension is the main characteristic you look for at the car you rent, but, let’s say, the motor type or the transmission type, even in this situation, you will find something you would like in our fleet.

We must also mention that no matter the type of car you hire, or the period of your rental, all our Constanta rent a car contracts include a basic insurance, meant to protect you against small damages that may occur while driving the car. This insurance can be improved with a payable one which will protect you against any damages that may occur, for more details please check our website.

Another small advantage which is not known by most of the people is that you can add an additional driver on the rental contract, free of charge, as long as it complies with the requirements.

If you land on the Constanta airport, our Constanta car hire services can bring to the airport the car you choose at the hour you want, which is very convenient as you reduce the lost time between the moment you pick up your luggage and the one when hiring a transportation towards your destination.

The are still many advantages related to our Constanta rent a car services so, please, take your time and study attentively our website, we assure you will find something you like.

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