Craiova Airport rent a car

The people who are about to land on the Craiova Airport should consider our Craiova Airport rent a car services in order to improve their experience during their journey in Craiova.

Probably the most recent airport for international flights, being opened in 2011, the airport was founded in 1938, after an order of Carol the second. Still, at the beginning it was used as a military airdrome, the passenger services being introduced starting with 1956.

From that moment, the airport had ups and downs until recently when it has become again an important connection point for the rest of the country.

Either you are heading to Craiova to visit the town or to go somewhere in the surrounding area, you can benefit of our Craiova Airport car hire services. First of all, as their title suggests, they can be hired from the airport, so this way you solve the problem of finding a mean of transportation to your destination. Not only hat, but as you will have the car, any place can become your destination, as long as you don’t live the country.

No matter your journey needs regarding theĀ dimensionĀ of the car, our available fleet in Craiova, will satisfy them for sure. Whether you need a small car, or a commercial car, or any other between the two, you will find options where you can choose of.

We also mention that all our Craiova Airport rent a car contracts, no matter the car type and its duration, have basic insurance included. This insurance is meant to cover the case in which small mishaps occur during the contract.

For more details regarding our services and offers, and also for information regarding the possible promotions that may be available in certain periods, please visit our website and contact us through the online form, or at the displayed phone number.