Deva rent a car

Our Deva rent a car services can be very useful for the people who spend several days at least in the capital of Hunedoara county. The city was first mentioned in 1269 but it is supposed that he name of the city comes from the Dacian word for citadel. There are still other theories about the provenience of the name, so this is not a clear thing.

Most of Deva’s visitors come here for its touristic attractions, and not only. Still, we must mention that no matter the purpose of your visit, our Deva car hire services are available all the time.

Supposing you are visiting Deva for its touristic attractions, and you are traveling in a larger group than 4-5 persons. If this is the case, a small or medium car will not be enough for all passengers and their luggage, but fortunately, our available fleet in Deva can provide you seven or nine seats cars meant to solve the problem.

On the other hand, if you do not visit the city in a larger group, on the contrary you will need a small or medium car. Our fleet includes many variants of this type, all you have to do is to make your booking from time.

Booking earlier is important because only by making your booking from time we can guarantee that the car you want is available when you want. Our Deva rent a car services offered through our website are not only convenient but also offer you a discount. The prices from our website are dicounted from the prices you will find if you rent the car on site.

The advantages related to the use of our Deva car hire services are more than those mentioned above. You can find more about them studying our website in detail. You can also see this way the cars we have available in our fleet in Deva and also if there are any promotions and offers available for certain periods.