Galati rent a car

If you are heading towards Galati, do not forget to consider our Galati rent a car services during your visit in the capital of the Galati county. Galati is the biggest town in the county and with a population of almost 290.000 people is the seventh town from the country by the number of inhabitants.

Although the city does not benefit of an airport, there are plans for the construction of one nearby. Still, Galati is accessible by car and by train. No matter the way you reach Galati, you can hire our Galati car hire services once you are here, in order to have an available car during your journey.

The fleet we provide to our clients in Galati is a very wide one meant to cover all the needs and preferences from small cars to big cars, from different motors to four by four cars.

This makes our Galati rent a car services to be useful both for a person who goes to Galati for business and for a person who goes to visit touristic attractions or their family and friends. If you need a small or medium car, our fleet is quite varied. We can also satisfy the need for a seven or nine seats car.

But even if none of the above is what you need, our office gives you the possibility to rent a commercial car.

All our Galati car hire contracts include a basic insurance meant to protect you against most of small damages that may occur during the use of the car through town. In the same time if in your group there is another available driver you can add him on the rental contract as additional driver, free of charge.

There are still many advantages related to our Galati rent a car services. Please study our website in detail and find out more about other services an promotions that we offer.