Iasi Airport rent a car

Situated at almost 8 kilometers distance from the center of the town, the Iasi Airport has been established in 1905 with the first commercial flights starting with 1926 after the Bucuresti-Galati-Iasi and Chisinau course has been opened .

Choosing our services, not only will you be able to hire any car you want, but the car will be brought for you at the airport at the date and the hour you choose. This means that you will almost jump from the airplane to the car, which can only be very convenient for anyone who would want to reach his destination as soon as possible.

No matter the reason of your visit to Iasi, either for a series of business meetings, or tourism purposes or any other reason, you will find for sure a car in our fleet that will suit perfectly your needs and preferences.

For example, if you travel tourism, and in a larger group, than you may consider the renting of a seven or nine seats car. Obviously, this depends exclusively of the dimension of the group, but it is well to know that our Iasi Airport rent a car services an offer you also this type of cars.

Similarly, if you need to transport any products during your visit, we can offer you several commercial cars where you can choose from.

We also mention that all our Iasi Airport car hire contracts include a basic insurance meant to cover the possible damages that could occur during the contract. This insurance is included and obligatory for all the contracts, no matter their duration and the type of the rented car.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that you can add another additional driver to the rental contract, free of charge, as long as he is a valid driver.

There are still many advantages related to our Iasi rent a car services. Please visit our site in detail in order to see our available fleet and other information related to our offers.

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