Otopeni Airport rent a car

The Otopeni Airport is by far, the bigest airport in our country. Although its name has been changed since 2004 in Henri Coanda International Airport, most of the people still use the old title, Otopeni Airport, and so we.

The people who land in Bucharest, most probably will land here, an it is from here where they can hire our Otopeni Airport rent a car services. Through our services you have the opportunity to pick up the rented car from the airport. This the first of the many benefits our rent a car services provide, the fact that you don’t lose time between landing and reaching your destination. This will prove very useful as you will have the opportunity to plan the time differently.

The car fleet available through our Otopeni Airport car hire services is very wide and allow almost any client to find a care hat would suit perfectly o the needs of his journey and his personal preferences.

Supposing you will need a bigger car, because you are about to travel in a bigger group. In this situation, normally, you will have a problem concerning the space in a medium sized car; but a seven or nine seats car is perfect for cases like this.

In the mean time, if you don’t need a bigger car, but a small one, you will fine a lot of available options, these type of cars being very popular due to their effectiveness in terms of consumption and obviously, due to the fact that they are easyer to park than bigger cars.

On the hand, if the decision of renting a car is not based on its size, you can notice that our fleet owns a wide range of cars, with different motors and 4×4 transmission, so, even in this case you will find something that will suit your needs.

For more information about our fleet and our offer, and for details about our services and the Otopeni Airport rent a car contract, please read the website in detail and eventually contact us if your question is not already answered on the website.

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