Pitesti rent a car

If you are heading towards Pitesti, the capital of Arges county, you can benefit of our Pitesti rent a car services to really improve your experience. The city known as “the city of tulips” is not only the capital of the county but also its largest city.

With a population of almost 170 000 inhabitants, Pitesti is a very old establishment . The first signs of living in the area date from the paleolithic. As it has been present for so much time, a lot of touristic historical attractions exist in the city, many of them being religious places, but there are also other monuments and buildings worth to be visited.

Of course, the touristic purpose is only one of the reasons to visit Pitesti, but no matter if you go there for business meetings or to visit friends and family, our Pitesti car hire services are available for you.

Depending on your needs, our fleet in Pitesti is available for you. Supposing you are visiting the many religious places in Pitesti with a larger group, then, you can rent one of our seven or nine seats cars which can satisfy this requirement. The advantage of this type of car is that you can travel all in the same car and you can be sure where your luggage is all the time.

On the other hand, if you need a medium or small car, or maybe a more expensive one, our Pitesti rent a car services can serve you if it is available.

The availability problem for certain car types can be avoided if you use the booking form on our website to make an online reservation. Besides the fact that this method is a very convenient one to hire, a better advantage is the one that the prices on our website already include a discount from the prices you will find on site.

Of course there are still many advantages and options available with our Pitesti car hire services. Please read our website to find out more about this.

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