Ploiesti rent a car

If you have business in the near future in Ploiesti, please do not forget our Ploiesti rent a car services. Ploiesti city is the capital of Prahova county and one of the large cities of our country with a population of almost 230 000 inhabitants. The city is also known as the “capital of black gold” and also “uncle Iancu city”, and for those who know “The Republic from Ploiesti”.

The city is an important industrial center, especially due to the petrol industry, which developed even from the XIXth century. It is here that the first refinery in the world has been built, and the city is still rooted in this industry with important mining and processing facilities. But this is not the only industry present in Ploiesti, as many multinationals opened branches in the city in the last years. If you come to town for business meetings, it is for sure that you can benefit our Ploiesti car hire services.

Although the general view of the town is an industrial one, Ploiesti has seen a lot of history during the years and surprisingly for many people it hosts many museums and memorial houses.

Although it is not a touristic city, if you spend some time in Ploiesti you can visit The National Oil Museum, The Clock Museum or the Memorial House of “Ion Luca Caragiale”. These are only few examples.

Using our Ploiesti rent a car services, you can easily navigate through the city to reach the touristic attractions.

No matter the reason of your visit in Ploiesti, you can be sure that our Ploiesti rent a car services available fleet is quite varied as per to satisfy most of the demands related to sizes or motor type.

There are many advantages related to the hire of our Ploiesti car hire services during your journey. Please read in detail our website to find out more about our fleet, our offer and services in general and do not forget that you can make an online reservation here at lower prices that those you will find on the site.