Satu Mare Airport rent a car

The people who land on the Satu Mare Airport do not realize that they land on one of the oldest airports in Romania and that our Satu Mare Airport rent a car services are available for them in order to make their journey more enjoyable.

The airport was established in 1936 by a Royal order and the first plane landed on the new airport in 1938. The Airport is available for several flights towards New York, Chicago and Amsterdam, but the route Bucharest-Satu Mare and return is by far the most used.

If you land in Satu Mare, either you are about to spend the next few days in the city or you are going towards other places in the area, our Satu Mare Airport car hire services are meant to help you.

First of all, those who book a car for their journey to Satu Mare will be able to pick up the car from the airport parking, because our services will be able to get the car there at the hour you choose.

Our Satu Mare rent a car services have many other advantages, a major one being of course the ability of choosing from a very wide car fleet complying with your needs or preferences.

Usually the characteristic by which the type and the model of the rented car tends to be the car dimensions. This also depends on the needs of your journey. For example if you travel by yourself or a maximum four people group, you can successfully use a small to medium car, especially if you are planning to spend all your holiday in he city. On the other hand, if you travel with a larger group, you can hire a seven or nine seats car in order to be transported all in one car.

There are still many advantages related to our Satu Mare rent a car services, and you can study them in detail on our website, but we advise you to rent a car long before you land in Satu Mare because the prices displayed on our website already include a discount from the prices you will find when you reach the airport.

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