Sibiu Airport Rent a Car

The people who land on the Sibiu Airport will be able to use our Sibiu Airport Rent a Car servicies even before landing. Actually, we advise you to electronically rent a car long before you reach your destination, because the prices will be for sure lower than the prices we will have once you have reached your destination.

The Sibiu airport is situated 3 km distance from Sibiu Town and serves both the city and its surroundings. The Airport has been opened in 1943 and ever since it has witnessed a steady development, the most recent modernity being in 2006-2008 with a 77 millions investment.

There is nothing new about the possibility of renting a car in Sibiu Airport, but this type of services are not very known in our country. Still, it begins to become more and more popular as the people try these services and realize directly the benefits they offer.

A major benefit would be the fact that you can choose from a very wide range of cars, our available fleet containing from small and medium cars to seven and nine seats cars and even commercial cars. Our rent a car services can satisfy any of you needs for space.

The dimension of the rented car will be influenced by the number of people you travel with. Still, we should mention that if you have another driver in your group you should add his name in the rental contract as an additional driver (free of charge). This is an important thing that could easily make your trip a better one.

Our Arad Airport Car Hire services are available both on the spot and electronically, but as we mentioned before, normally, it will be a higher advantage if you use our online booking form, because the prices on our website already include a discount from the prices you will find on the spot. More, you will benefit this way of a range of promotions and offers which will not be available but through our website. You should study it attentively.

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