Sibiu rent a car

Those who are heading towards Sibiu for several days can choose to use our Sibiu rent a car services during their journey. Sibiu is the capital of Sibiu county and its biggest town being an important commercial and economic center in the area.

With an old and interesting history, Sibiu has started its life as a Roman establishment named Cedonia, but the establishment has evolved in time, modern Sibiu being placed on the ruins of a most likely Slavic establishment.

The city started to develop for real after the middle of the XIIth century when the Saxon colonists came and the settlement Hermannstadt was created.
Ever since, Sibiu developed as an important center of commerce in the area and today, Sibiu is one of the the best maintained medieval cities from our country.

The city is today an important cultural center and there are many tourists who come here to see and feel the medieval atmosphere of the town. No matter if you are here as a tourist or for work, our Sibiu car hire services are available to you with a large range of cars which you can choose from.

The fleet available in our Sibiu rent a car office is quite wide, meant to satisfy all kind of needs, from people who need a small or medium car to those who need a seven or nine seats car and even commercial cars. If not the size is the main feature you are interested in when hiring a car, but a certain motor type or transmission type, than you will find for sure at lest one model in our fleet that will suit your preferences.

We must also mention that all our Sibiu car hire contracts that you will sign will include a basic insurance meant to protect you against small expenses that may appear if the car suffers small damages.

There are also many advantages of our Sibiu rent a car services. You can read about them on our website where you can also make a reservation using our booking form.