Suceava rent a car

If you have any business in Suceava, please consider our Suceava rent a car services during your journey. Suceava city is the capital and the biggest city of the county named the same, and is part of the oldest establishments in the country.

Suceava is being inhabited since Paleolithic, conform with the archeological discoveries. Due to its oldness and the importance of the city, Suceava has seen many historical events during the centuries.

There are many reasons to visit Suceava, whether the visit is for business or a touristic one, our Suceava car hire services are available for you with a very wide car fleet meant to satisfy most of the needs and preferences you might have.

If the first situation is correct and you need a car to drive in different places of the city, a car that would reflect a certain image about yourself, you will find for sure something that will suit these needs. On the other hand, if the second situation is correct, it is for sure that you will find a not very expensive car that will suit your needs. Still, if you are traveling with a larger group, you can find in our fleet seven or nine seats cars and even if you need commercial cars we can offer you this type of cars too.

We must also mention that all our Suceava rent a car contracts include a basic insurance, quite comprehensive one, meant to protect you from possible expenses that may appear in case of damage to the car during the contract.

On the same time, if we are speaking about the contract, if there is another driver in your group, you can add him on the contract as additional driver, with no extra charge.

The city offers many places to be seen and things to be done during your journey. All you have to remember is that you can hire our Suceava car hire services to enjoy the flexibility offered by a car.