Targoviste rent a car

Rent a car Targoviste

Rent a car Targoviste at the best price!

Regardless of your reasons behind your planning a trip to Targoviste, you will benefit from the rent-a-car services offered by Rent a Car Targoviste if you need a means of transportation once you have reached your destination.

Our Targoviste rent-a-car services come with a great degree of customization. You can choose both the car type you wish to drive and the pick up and drop off hour of the vehicle.

Our fleet offers you a wide variety of options, from small, economy cars to medium and large (7 and 9-seater vehicles). If circumstances require it, you could also rent a cargo van. The choice is yours.

In case the car size is not the main feature you are looking for when making your choice, perhaps the type of engine or the type of traction are more important characteristics. Our fleet has a solution to any problem, offering both petrol and Diesel cars, manual or automatic.

In case you are having doubts whether to rent a car or not, your fears might be triggered by the possibility of being involved in an accident and the costs this situation might entail. If this is the case, you can already put your mind at ease, because absolutely all our Targoviste Rent a Car contracts include a basic insurance, meant to protect you against the damages, serious or not, that can occur while using the rented car. In case you want more coverage, this insurance can be extended to completely cover all damages that could occur during the contract.

Rent a car Targoviste

Our Rent a Car Targoviste contracts come with a lot of advantages, among which we can count free additional driver and unlimited mileage in Romania. These are only two examples of the benefits. For more information, read our website.