Timisoara rent a car

The people heading towards Timisoara might consider our Timisoara rent a car services during their staying into town, because their benefits are bigger than their cost.

Considering the fact that Timisoara is one of the biggest cities of our country, and one of the most important, the Timisoara Airport has a lot of traffic, both internal and external one. Because of this, our Timisoara car hire services are also available from the airport, which means that we can bring the car you want to the airport at the hour you want to simplify your visit after landing.

Either you visit the city for business or you are in the west of the country to visit the touristic attractions in town and nearby, the fleet available in our Timisoara rent a car office includes a wide range of cars from small and medium cars to commercial cars.

If you are visiting the city for business and plan to spend all your time in the town, then you will need either a small or medium car to drive to your destinations as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you want to impress, you can hire a more expensive car for this purpose.

Choosing the car you will rent for those who visit the city for tourism, depends almost exclusively on the dimension of the group. It is for sure that you desire to keep the costs low and for this, our Timisoara car hire services offer seven and nine seats cars. Another advantage for this option is that you can travel all together in the same place, and you will also know all the time where your luggage is.

We must also mention that all our Timisoara rent a car contracts include a basic insurance meant to protect you. This insurance cannot be taken out of the contract, being included in the price. Regarding the price, if you make your booking online you benefit of lower costs from the prices you will find in our office: the prices displayed on our website already include this discount.

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