How much does spending the 2016 New Year’s Eve in Romania cost?

How much does spending the 2016 New Year’s Eve in Romania cost?

With its good and its bad, the year 2015 has passed and is nearly gone. Accordingly, people have already prepared for spending the night between the years in family or with friends, be it in their own country or abroad. But for those who haven’t decided yet, there is still time to decide. There are still hotels and restaurants that have openings. But how much does spending the 2016 New Year’s Eve in Romania cost?

One of the options you can explore is the old Little Paris, Bucharest. Prices here revolve around the value of 400 lei per person in a restaurant that provides food and entertainment for the special night. But there are also more convenient options.

Siegfried Brew Pub offers a very convenient menu of just 250 lei per person. You are invited to a traditionally German party. Both in Grozavesti and in the Old Town Center, the parties will include an open bar and self-service, as well as live music and a DJ in a perfect atmosphere that will combine Romanian-style entertainment and the German spirit.

If you are in search of a more elegant experience, you can always spend the night between the years at the Palace of Parliament, where you will be welcome by the eccentric Loredana Groza, who will give a concert for you. Nevertheless, prices are quite high: between 125 and 300 euro per person, depending on the option, ranging from the standard to the VIP package. To this, you must add the money you will invest in your attire, since the elegant dress is a must.

At the traditional restaurant Caru’ cu Bere, you are in for a Viennese ball night, the atmosphere being ensured by the famous Wiener Waltzer Orchestra. The cost is 490 lei per person, which includes dances, carols and excellent food.

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