A few things worth knowing about Romania

A few things worth knowing about Romania

One thing foreigners visiting Romania always notice is that Romanians have the tendency to complain about everything. Also, they dream of leaving the country. Without the intention of minimizing the hardships of life in Romania, before you pack, maybe you should also think about all the reasons we could consider our country fascinating Here are a few things worth knowing about Romania:

1. Indeed, the Celts and the Vikings are old peoples who used to roam the European realms for millennia. But the Cucuteni civilisation, spread throughout Moldova, Basarabia and Muntenia of once upon a time, is actually a millennium older than the Sumerian society! We have the beautiful Cucuteni pots left from these remarkable ancient people. You can admire them at the museum in Piatra Neamt.

2. In Campeni, Alba the oldest metal melting furnace in the world was found, being 8000 years old.

3. We brag about Peles and Bran, but in fact there are almost 200 castles to explore throughout the country. (You can actually find more information on this in previous posts on our blog).

4. Our ancestors, the Dacians, were fierce in the face of mortality. Humour is another way of showing the world you are brave and this is evident in the Sapanta Merry Cemetery, the only one of its kind in the world. Sapanta is located in Maramures and to get there easily, you can get a Targu Mures airport transfer.

5. In case you didn’t know, you can experience timelessness and paranormal activity in the Baciu Forest in Cluj Napoca. Discovery Channel researched it since it appears this realm is a portal, a crack in the time-space continuum.

And if you needed another reason to love Romania, Christmas is coming and the holidays are so warm and beautiful home!

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