How a driver prepares for winter

How a driver prepares for winter

Ice flowers adorn the city – well, they’re mostly Christmas decorations already waiting for the winter holidays to start. But even if there’s virtually no snow, this doesn’t meant we aren’t also getting ready for the scenario of a white Christmas. Despite enjoying a beautiful autumn and an unusually warm December, we thought it might be useful to see how a driver prepares for winter.

If we’ve prepared for the cold season with warm clothes, how could we ever turn our backs to the one there for us, ready to transport us wherever we want to go and protecting us from the cold – that is, our car? Here are a few details we should not forget now that winter is here:

1. Winter tires are absolutely imperative! Their profile must be of at least 5 mm and they should have enough pressure, since the cold weather decreases it. It is also worth remembering that the pressure is measured outside, not in the garage or anywhere else but in outdoors conditions.

2. To avoid getting stuck in the blizzard, check that the battery is charged and that the electric system functions at its optimal parameters. The lighting and window anti-frost system must also be verified every time.

3. It is essential that the car has its three vital fluids: engine oil, antifreeze and windshield fluid. Warning! The engine oil tends to become dense in cold weather. The windshield fluid prevents the cleaning system from freezing. But it is good to avoid starting the wipers if the windshield is frozen to avoid scratching it and ruining the wipers. The antifreeze is, of course, also imperative during winter, but never pour it into the engine’s cooling system if it’s hot!

There are also certain situations (i.e., extreme weather) when it is not indicated to drive at all. But if you must do so, if you doubt your car is fit enough for the task, you can book with auto car hire Romania.

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