The most beautifully decorated Romanian cities this Christmas

The most beautifully decorated Romanian cities this Christmas

Do you know what I’d do if the holiday were already here? I’d take advantage of this springy winter and enjoy the weather and the season; I’d go on tour around the Orasele cele mai frumos decorate orase de Craciun din Romania most beautifully decorated Romanian cities this Christmas.

In Transilvania, I’d stop in Arad, where no less than two million light bulbs shine over the city in merry expectation of the Holy Night. Gigantic Christmas trees are adorned and guard the center of town, surrounded by thousands of lights. The Christmas Market is also organized there, welcoming dozens of craftsmen and local producers and the Christmas Tram (driven by the very Santa Claus) will delight the little ones with a special ride.

The locals believe Alba Iulia this year is enjoying the most beautiful and inspired set of decorations. The Christmas tree in the city center is spectacular, with thousands of lights dancing in a shiny pool of light and at dusk, the entertainment moves to the skating rink!

Baia Mare has been awarded the title of “most beautifully decorated city in Romania” for several winters in a row and it doesn’t disappoint this year either. It is definitely worth a visit!

Year after year, Brasov invests thousands of lei on Christmas decorations. The Sfatului Square becomes a fairytale scene and hundreds of passers-by marvel at the beauty of the adorned tree, sneakily waiting for Santa Claus.

Even the most fault-finding ones of us must admit it: the Christmas decorations this year are truly spectacular in the capital city. You really should take an evening to walk by the University Square or the Magheru Boulevard and admire the Christmas Markets and the decorations, from the electric snowflakes and the garlands to the wonderful Christmas trees.

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