Bulgaria one day tour

Bulgaria one day tour

Do you know your neighbors? If you are interested in taking a look over the border, we suggest Bulgaria one day tour, all you can visit in one day in a trip near the house!

The Slavic origins of the Bulgarians (versus our Latin blood) are one of the factors that makes us somehow different. But, the geopolitical situation brings us nearer than we might think, and the historical relations of our countries were most of them peaceful.

It might be true that more than Romania, Bulgaria is trying in an active manner to impose itself as touristic low cost destination in Europe, especially with the Black Sea resorts, which are famous for their hotels that offer all inclusive packages (thanks to the northern investors). But, Bulgaria has some other beautiful things to show to a visitor.

The capital city, Sofia, is a friendly town where you can take long walks through green parks and along the Vitoshka Boulevard, and you can recollect in the Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral.

If you were thinking about Bulgaria as a seaside destination, forget about it! Almost half of the country’s surface is covered by the Balkan Mountains. Rila is the highest top of the Balkans and is located at just one hour distance from Sofia. The Natural Reservation Rola is a wonderful place, and oasis of peace and beauty. The Vitosha Mountain gloriously guards the capital city, Sofia.

But, here we are at the seaside… we know that this is the number one of your interest. the best known resorts of Bulgaria are Albena, Golden Sands, and Sunny Beach. But, except these seaside destinations, on the board of the sea we recommend you to visit Balcic resort. Until the year of 1940, the Cadrilater, from which Balcic was a part, was a Romanian territory and was the favourite summer residence of Queen Maria. The locals are not denying their Romanian past, so you will feel like home.

Bulgaria has a beautiful story to be told. If you are looking for more travel ideas you can always book a private tour.


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