Top Romanian winter destinations

Top Romanian winter destinations

So what the work has restarted? This is no reason for us not to travel. Here we present you a top Romanian winter destinations for those of you who are smart tourists who know that the low season holidays are the most beautiful and they are low cost too!

Do you know that a cave’s temperature does not vary? It is not a high temperature, it is of 10 Celsius degrees, but the temperature from Pestera Muierilor (Women’s Cave) is for sure higher than the outside blizzard’s temperature. The cave that can be found in the Parand Mountains, in Gorj district, has become the first cave in the country that was lighted, in 1965. Along the four trails of the cave you will find spectacular karst formations, and also skeletons of foxes, hyenas and bears. A colony of bats also it lives in Bat Hall. The cave is extremely beautiful, there is also a guide, and filming is allowed.

Well, it is truth that the Little Paris becomes the “big ice swamp” during the winter. But, there are some places in Bucharest that are worth visiting, even when it snows. Among these we also count the Ghica Palace, legacy of Grigore Dimitrie Ghica, a neoclassic building placed in the Plumbuita Park. The palace’s garden is very beautiful on good weather, but, during winter you can enjoy a tour of the palace. It is for sure that the furniture and the decorations will impress you, or, you can also enjoy a meal at the fireplace heat in the Ghica Restaurant. The romantic atmosphere and the flavour of the food will make your day or evening unforgettable.

Do you ski or skate? You want to enjoy the cold air of winter or the snow? Baile Tusnad resort is an ideal place for a relaxing and healthy holiday.

If you need to rent a car in Romania you should remember that during the winter the prices are more accessible and there is a higher availability!


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